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The Dawn Education Expo 2012

We haven’t gone anywhere and will be back to writing our normal weekly posts in the latter half of next month. In case you haven’t heard (it’s in just about every newspaper!), the DAWN Education Expo 2012 is about to … Continue reading

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Student Survival: How To Love Your College Roommate

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Have you had to share a room with them? If so, how did that work out for you? Did you get along well or did you argue over who was touching one centimeter … Continue reading

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Write To Win Countdown!

Does everyone have their creative hat on? Start thinking about what you’ll be writing and get ready to win some awesome prizes! We’ve been getting a lot of emails from students asking questions so the answers to those will be … Continue reading

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College Fun: American College Slang

Slang is the poetry of everyday life.  – S. I. Hayakawa, Language in Action, 1941 Going to an American college more than halfway across the world can seem a bit nerve-racking, especially when English isn’t your first language. To help … Continue reading

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The Best Questions For Prospective International Students To Ask

As a note from an International Education Advisor personally, I’d like to point out the fact that while these educational posts are geared towards Pakistani students, in many other regions, the same questions, concerns and concepts can be found and … Continue reading

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International Students – Common Misconceptions About Studying In America

In talking with many students who wish to travel to the United States to begin or continue their higher education there, there are three main concerns that are made prominently which will be pinpointed throughout this post. They are valid … Continue reading

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