DAWN Education Expo – Organizational Mode

Perhaps the largest attendance in Pakistan’s history of education expos, Dawn Education Expo 2012 flew by with a BANG! There were literally thousands of students visiting the halls in all three major cities and visit they did!

It was a lot of fun but now we’re in setup mode so that we can begin working one-on-one with each of you to get you through all of the required processes. Once this process has been completed, then we’ll be able to start firing away so don’t worry about losing touch with us! Also, many of you are working with PFL or agents in which case you can talk to them about setting up Q&A sessions with me and hopefully, I’ll recognize some of you!

All in all, it was a blast and the best expo by far, especially for us! Stratford University, USA’s hall was jam-packed with students from the time the expo opened until it closed which was amazing.

Thanks to those of you who follow this blog, many of you came and talked about questions in person that you’ve been having, such as: The many options that are available in the U.S., questions answered regarding student visas and  many other types of questions that students have about studying abroad.

If there are any agents or staff who work at a reputable university and are interested in having a presentation done or a Q&A session for your students, you can email me at slihn@stratford.edu.

For students with questions or students who would like to meet up and have a chance to ask me any questions you have, whether it’s about courses available, tests required for visas, visa interviews, etc. then go ahead and leave a comment with your name and email or email me directly at slihn@stratford.edu.

For those of you who attended the expo, how did you find it? Was it fun and great to see all the universities out there or was it something you were recommended to do?

I’m really interested to know the student’s perspective of these types of experiences so if you’d like to write a guest blog, you will be our student of the month plus a free application fee to Stratford University, USA!

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