The Dawn Education Expo 2012

We haven’t gone anywhere and will be back to writing our normal weekly posts in the latter half of next month. In case you haven’t heard (it’s in just about every newspaper!), the DAWN Education Expo 2012 is about to kick off next month!

That puts all of us into overdrive so that we can get everything in order for you to be able to check out different foreign universities and local universities to help make the right decision that suits your needs.

Last year we met with a lot of students in their last year of school so this year, come back with your friends and refresh your memories, take a look around and also, take some time to talk with International Education Advisors. We’re there for you!

We, especially at Stratford University, USA, are looking forward to seeing you!

Who’s planning on participating? If I see your name on here, I’ll be watching out for you at the Stratford University, USA stall!

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