Our First Student Of The Week: Abdul Hayee

Just as a starter to our new series of posts, Student of the Month (or Week) isn’t just for those who have succeeded into becoming billionaires but rather, those who are working hard with a lot of determination. We would like to work as a huge, international team that can offer support to each other as well as commend and notice those who have been putting forth their full effort.

Without further ado:

Congratulations to Mr. Abdul Hayee who has been nominated as our Student of the Week!

Abdul has just finished up his DAE in Civil Engineering with 13 years of education in Pakistan and is looking towards the next move of traveling abroad for higher education. His future plans include majoring in Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering, both great degrees to have!

Having just begun his process with the required paperwork needed for studying abroad, he could use a lot of support in walking through all of the hassles required from those who both know him as well as other international students outside of Pakistan who are right at the same place as he is.

Feel free to offer advice to Mr. Abdul Hayee whether you’re in the same boat or have already passed and are studying abroad now. There isn’t any better motivation than to help those going through the same situations as you are!

Abdul, remember to take one step, one day at a time! You’re doing a great job following through with your education and we look forward to seeing you go far in life!

From all of us at Stratford University, USA!

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2 Responses to Our First Student Of The Week: Abdul Hayee

  1. SA says:

    good idea im gonna try it


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