So You Think You Can Be Stratford University’s Student Of The Month?

With the New Year right around the corner (can you believe that it’s already that time AGAIN?), Stratford University, USA has decided what better way to connect with our international students as well as connecting all of you together than to start featuring our very own Student of the Month?

Locally, this has taken off quite fast but we’d like to hear from international students ALL over the world! Different cultures, educational systems, extracurricular activities and lots of other information you think would be interesting to share with those of us in different countries.

Until January 1, 2012, we will be doing this weekly so be prepared to see our first Student of the Week this Friday!

If you’d love to be a Student of the Month featured on both our international Facebook page as well as our international blog (and we know you would!), you can leave your email at the bottom in the comments section so I can reply to you with our mini-questionnaire or you can get in contact with me directly at!

See you soon!

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