Stress Can Make College Students Fat!

With these addictive graphs from Daily Infographic on the rise, sometimes a certain one just stands out, pulling you in, statistic-by-statistic and then somehow making you involve it in your day. Today, this awesome graph is one of those interesting, humorous and factual tellings of something every college student is struggling with: Stress!

Now, it’s not advisable for you to be reading this during class time or during work hours but when you have some good (non-stressful) time set aside for yourself, go through this chart and see how many points relate to you. It might even make you feel like the author creepily wrote it specifically entirely about each and every detail of what’s causing your personal stress factors!

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4 Responses to Stress Can Make College Students Fat!

  1. Anon says:

    i like it

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  3. Beer Loving College Student says:

    Interesting post! I was always under the impression that it was ‘beer’ that caused college students to gain weight… Now I know that as long as I remain stress-free I can drink all the beer I want.. Woo Hoo! but seriously, very fun article! Thanks


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