Top 10 Most Awesome Reasons To Study Abroad

  1. Studying abroad supplies you with more employment opportunities than you may have thought possible – Once you’ve gotten a valuable degree from a university in an English speaking country, you’ve just improved your resume by a million! A survey done by Penn State researchers showed that potential employers who find a candidate who has spent time studying abroad will rise up into the top three most important college experiences.
  2. Studying abroad gives you independence –As your years of education abroad continue on, so does your personal growth and independence! It may take a little adjustment in the beginning months but after adapting to your new culture and picking up on the language and accent, students will return home with a new sense of justifiable pride that shows self-confidence in what they have achieved, independently.
  3. Studying abroad gives you chance to make life-long friends – If you think about your grade school friends, middle school friends and even high school friends, chances are you can probably only count the people who are still friends on one hand. And even then, you probably don’t even remember but one person’s last name. Going to college abroad is such a life-changing experience that the friends you meet and make are people you’ll stay in touch with for the rest of your life. Not only that, they will become your network who will be able to help you out back in your home country when you’re running your own business or managing a top-of-the-line store.
  4. Studying abroad improves your new languages and proper accents – The first couple of weeks might make you a tad self-conscious but believe it or not, this is the fastest way anyone can learn a foreign language! Because you’ll want to blend in more and not stick out so noticeably, you’ll start actually listening to the accent with a new and more appreciative ear. Just to give you a little reassurance, 99% of all Americans are very happy with helping you learn how to pronounce words or learn English words so either way, you win!
  5. Studying abroad is affordable – While the way money and fees are taken care of differ from college to college, there are so many programs, scholarships, easy payment plans and low fees that are there to help international students have the full experience of an American college life. Even if you’re still struggling a bit financially, there are ways set up with the university you’re attending that will help you get some work based on whatever course you’re taking, i.e., OPT and CPT Training.
  6. Studying abroad requires you to use critical thinking, giving you your own mind – Traveling abroad is an educational and sometimes life-changing for many people. Studying abroad is a whole different category since the younger people who take part in this experience are much more open-minded and accepting of learning how to solve problems on their own.
  7. Studying abroad lets you appreciate your own heritage and culture with immense pride – As you’re accepting new foods, new styles and new languages/slang, you’re also missing family holidays, shaadis, home-cooked biryani and, of course, the power outages. Being away from home allows you to notice things about you and your family that you may not have realized or appreciated in the past.
  8. Studying abroad will literally change your life – Learning how to think on your own while being independent and walking around with your head held higher, you’ll start seeing the world from a brand new perspective! People become so accustomed to what the news is telling them in their part of the world that it’s quite surprising to many international students that the United States of America is a fantastic place to live – contrary to typical stereotypes – and an experience that will follow them for the rest of their lives.
  9. Studying abroad doesn’t mean you have to throw all of your credits out from your local college – Most American universities and colleges will take at least half of your credits if they are up to par with the American Education System. Other colleges might offer college credits from a series of different universities making dorm life not needed.
  10. Studying abroad is the one time in your life you’re allowed to have unsupervised fun – This is said in a responsible tone, not in a, ‘Go drink a pint of vodka’ tone. Obviously, your schooling comes first but there is always down time to be had. During these down times, try new foods, visit new stores and wear new styles, meet new people and discover brand new adventures! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it’s entirely up to you on how you choose to spend it.


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10 Responses to Top 10 Most Awesome Reasons To Study Abroad

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  5. Alejandra Castellano says:

    Lovelly!, I almost cry remembering my year in Edinburgh University. It certainly is a live changing experience!

  6. Khan says:

    Very well written. Speciall the Biryani and the power outages, one really gets used to them and then begin to miss them when away from home.

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