Why Study In The USA?

Today, we have guest blogger, Hussain Nayani, with his take on why America is one of the most popular countries for international studies to travel and study abroad in:

Why would a student like so many others make the choice of going to the USA to pursue his/her higher education? I will explain about the world’s best education system and what it has to offer each and every individual international student, irrespective of race or ethnicity while also dispelling the popular myth that the USA is a hotbed for racial discrimination – especially for Pakistani Muslims.

First, a few quick facts:

  • Over 500,000 international students are currently studying (Part time/Full time) in the United States, out of which, approximately 6000 are Pakistanis.
  • The United States is the second most popular destination for overseas education for Pakistani students (after the U.K.).
  • The estimated number of people who will opt for the United States as an option for overseas higher education is expected to shoot up to 1.7 Million by 2025 largely due to the increasingly relaxed student visa policies.1

As one of the most preferred overseas education destination for international students worldwide, the United States education system consistently continues to be ranked as the best in terms of educational standards: 12 out of the top 20 Universities on The Times Higher Education Rankings are from the United States.

The most important questions students find themselves asking is, what is it about America that so many students choose the U.S. as their overseas study destination? Even more so, why should YOU – the person who has to make a decision regarding your further studies – choose the United States as your study destination?

The first reason (besides the high quality of education in the U.S.) would be the large number of options that students have to choose from if he/she chooses the USA as their destination for higher education. Currently there are over 3,600 universities and colleges registered in the United States providing options of study in more than 1000 fields.

These are a lot of options from an even larger number of universities which is what makes the US seem feasible for each and every individual international student. This means every student can find a degree that’s tailored to his/her needs as well as options that are viable both academically and financially!

This diversity of educational experiences and opportunities offered ensure that international students can pick and choose until they find the perfect institution for themselves with details ranging from the university’s affiliations and accreditations all the way up to the employability of the graduates after they finish their education.

The other reason that comes to mind is the wholesome educational experience that universities in the United States have to offer. While graduating with an American degree is the final goal, an educational experience is not only about the knowledge disseminated in the classroom.

An equal and just as important role is played by the extracurricular activities and social settings that universities in the USA provide to the students – especially international students.

I think that all of us share this opinion but sometimes, we fail to recognize the importance of it when making a choice for the “perfect” university!

Most of us have heard ourselves say, “It’s not what you know but who you know” and that is just one example of how we value the “other things” along with the academics that a university’s experience yields.

These extracurricular activities, not only take the learning experiences outside the classrooms, but also develop much needed qualities such as leadership and passion to excel in the employment world. America is able to offer actual life experiences, work experiences as well as a great education with a degree that will take you far in life.

It’s all of these reasons that answer my question of why I prefer the USA higher education experience to any other in the world.

Conclusively, the educational experience in the United States might seem a bit expensive but it’s worth all every, single cent because, let’s face it, no value is too great for a good and wholesome educational experience!


A very special ‘Thank you,’ to Hussain for this awesome write-up! This is heavy information and we would love to hear what you have to say. Please feel free to discuss in the comment section and give us your take on the above post.

Also, if you’d like to be a guest blogger for Stratford University or have questions and would like to be contacted by Stratford University’s representative, please fill out the form below:



1 All Figures derived from statistics provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

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