Graduate Fun

Every now and then, it’s good to have some fun to break up the day. Most of you are probably familiar with – a hilarious compilation of graphs that tell the hard, cold truth.

Let’s face it – colleges and universities cost money! It doesn’t matter who you are, which class you belong to or even which country you live in.

Money can be even more overwhelming to international students who live in countries where the value of the American dollar seems enormous. Here’s the thing: What most international students don’t understand is that many universities – especially universities in large, metropolitan areas – are set up to work AROUND the student and not the other way around.

Instead of worrying about how international students will live independently in the United States while exploring new and fantastic career opportunities, the worries stay short-term, only thinking about what’s required of them to even take that first step. The biggest worry is typically taking IELTS/TOEFL and the GRE/GMAT with concerns such as:

  • What if I don’t pass?
  • It takes too much time!
  • I hate tests!
  • I don’t have time to study for another test.
  • If I fail, I can never travel abroad.

What most international students don’t realize is that they’re not doing the American government any favors by taking these tests – the American government is working with them to make sure with absolute certainty that students won’t starve while studying abroad, students will have a safe place to live and there will be time students can take off to go home for a visit.

All of the documents required from ALL international students are to help you in the long run! Stop thinking about short-term worries because all this does is prevent you from reaching your long-term goals and excellent career choices.

It’s YOUR education, YOUR career and YOUR choice!

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